[Answered] How can I remove many sites from the drop-down list of shortcuts in my release choices? I have wings.

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Thank you for any help.


Use the "manage zones" option from the "home" tab. It'll display your list of shortcuts, with a trashcan icon next to each; click that to delete the ones you don't want. You will also have an option to sort the list once you've removed any unwanted entries.

Side note: when you're making release notes on a zone that you don't intend to use more than once, look for the little checkbox that says "add to my release zone list" and uncheck that box. That'll reduce the number of zones that wind up in your list. Or ignore that feature and just get wings whenever you want to tidy up your list {wry grin}.


… "add to my release zone list" box, but hadn't figured out how to remove wwhat was already added. Thanks again!


Are you sure you want to delete this item? It cannot be undone.