[Answered] I have wings, but cannot see how to print pre-numbered labels, can someone help?

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Thank you for any help.


See the "How to BookCross" page under the "information" tab; it has a link to the "download labels" page, where you can find the option to print the blank labels or the prenumbered ones. (Or use this link to get to the page directly: https://www.bookcrossing.com/labels )

If you haven't used prenumbered labels before, do read the info on how to use them. Note that each time you click on the "download x prenumbered labels" link the site will allocate a new set of numbers, so if you click once and have trouble viewing or printing the results, seek help before clicking again. (There are wings options for reprinting the already-allocated sets from your profile.) And when you want to use them to register your books, remember to use the "journal entry" option and enter the BCID on the prenum. [If you already know all that, never mind! Perhaps it'll be of help to someone else...]


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