[Answered] Anyone else had trouble uploading an image for a book cover?

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Since the site change, I've been trying, repeatedly, to upload a pic I took as it's an ARC and different from any of the options online - and I'm one of those odd souls who REALLY cares that the picture matches the actual book ;). At first, the site wouldn't let me do it at all, now it lets me, says it's uploading, and then... nothing. I've tried it repeatedly and it's rather annoying. Any suggestions?


It should be resized automatically, but there might still be a size limit. Also, if you tried uploading a .jpg, maybe try with a .png?


Well, thank you! I both saved it as a png and made it a lot smaller, so I'm not sure which was responsible for it working, but it does work now so yay! Thank you, Moem.



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