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I wild released a book, but I forgot put in the BCID # to have it show up on the go hunting page. I tried searching for my book “A tale of two cites” but I couldn’t find it. I remember seeing before that I had a BCID # written down on the book. Any ideas why I can’t find it?


Hi. I searched your shelf and didn't find any copies of "Tale of Two Cities". Did you register it yourself, or was it already registered by someone else? If you found it and forgot to make a journal entry before re-releasing it, that'd explain why it isn't on your bookshelf. If you did get it from another BCer and if you remember who that was, you might be able to find it on that person's shelf and can ask them for the full BCID.

If you did register it yourself, it should be there - unless you were using prenumbered labels; in that case, if you labeled the book but did not make a journal entry, it wouldn't appear on your shelf yet. (If someone else finds and journals a prenum book it will appear on your bookshelf, but you might not notice when/if this happens.)

At this point the simplest thing might be to go back to the release spot and hope the book's still there, so you can note the BCID...


Seems you didn't actually write release notes for it to set it as a travelling book, so that's why it wasn't showing up on your shelf as a travelling book, nor in the Go Hunting pages.


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