[Answered] Is there a way to catch a book that I released?

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A few controlled release books have come back to me today. I made journal entries but the controlled release ballycumber banner is still showing. Is there a way to turn it off without deleting the previous release notes?



Not sure about that. It's possible that it will self-correct after a few hours - quite a few things seem to be subject to that kind of periodic-update delay. But it's also possible that there's a glitch regarding a new JE by the same person who made the release notes, such that it doesn't automatically remove the "Traveling" icon.

Since it seems you've set the status to "available", the books should show on your bookshelf properly as "in hand", and if you make new release notes down the line, or if someone else journals the books, the status should fix itself.

You *could* delete your own release notes, of course. If you wanted to retain the "friend had the book for X amount of time" information you could edit that into your own JE text. But if it were me I think I'd leave things as they are.


I often do this; plus wild release notes when I end up not releasing it, or delete the release and then make a new one when I release it elsewhere.

Your friend never logged it and you have the books back, so I would delete the releases. If you wanted you could make make a note your friend had it and whether they enjoyed it and what they thought of the read.


I've noticed that too. A few months ago I recovered 70+ books from one of our OBCZs that closed abruptly with no warning. No one could contact the owner, but I finally tracked down the landlord who had had the locks changed and convinced them that the books did not belong to the restaurant owner and got back the ones that were inside. When I made JEs for each one explaining the situation, the books still showed they were traveling.

I never went back to check if the Ballycumber removed itself with time to show it was no longer in the wild.

If I can find them in among my gazillions of books, I'll check and see and report back.


I spot checked 3 books that I took back from the OBCZ. The running Ballycumber is gone on all three and they no longer say they are in the wild. Since I wrote the JEs in June I don't know how long it took for them to self-correct and no longer show as being in the wild.


I guess I was just too impatient!

I thought it would update at the same time as the status but it runs on its own time haha.


I guess I was just too impatient!

I thought it would update at the same time as the status but it runs on its own time haha.

Maybe we just have to wait till he gets tired of running. Or his batteries run down. : )




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