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A few months ago I released a book I found some time before. As it wasn't originally my book, I can't find the book in the book list on my account. However, I am curious to find out where it ended up going. Is there any way I can track/find a book that isn't on my account? (There are 500 copies with the exact same title, finding it in the list is impossible)


That can be frustrating! If you didn't make a journal entry on the book (or if you made an anonymous entry), then it won't be on your bookshelf, so it could take some detective work to find it. You could search for registered copies and sort the results by "most recently registered first"; while there's no guarantee that the book you found was registered recently, it might have been, and in that case you could browse the books registered on or before the month when you found it.

You could also try looking at the "go hunting" pages for the location where you found it. If it was released more than 30 days ago, you might have to click the "view all" checkbox to see the locations, and if it's a location with lots of release zones this might not help - and it's possible the releaser didn't make release notes, or that the book was released elsewhere. Still, it's something to try.

If you looked it up at the time you found it, and if you remember anything about the previous journalers' names or locations, or the registration date, that could help.

And if you find any other BC books, do jot down the BCID so you can journal them - even if you don't want to keep them, you can make a JE to say "saw it at thus-and-such a location, but left it for someone else". There's even a "left in the wild" checkbox for just such situations!


Unfortunately if you don't journal a book you find, it's pretty hard to follow its ongoing journey. GoryDetails gave you some hints that you could try, but the whole point of journaling every book you find is to be able to follow its future journey. It puts you on the list of people to notify. Of course, not every book is journaled but if it is you would get a notice by email so you could read the journal entry that was made.

Good luck in tracking it down. With that many copies it might be tough though.


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