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katyrose2000 1 yr ago
How do I sign up for the wings program? How much does it cost?


Hi, and welcome! You can get wings by going to the Supply Store; see the "store" tab at the upper right. There's a link under that tab for the store in general, and another one for wings specifically. At the moment the prices are $5 for a month's worth, $12 for three months, and $35 for one year's worth.

The wings features can be seen by clicking on the "upgrade to wings" link (or here: ), and include some useful sort options, fewer ads, default journal-entry and release-note text, the ability to organize your release-zone shortcuts, the ability to choose custom "wing" styles, and more.

Some of these are more useful if you're doing a lot of registering and releasing. And some, like the "organize release zone shortcuts" one, may only be useful once in a while, if you've acquired so many shortcuts that you want to do some housekeeping. So you can choose whether you want to subscribe for a full year, or just pick up wings-for-a-month whenever you happen to need some of those features.

Even if you don't need the wings features, donations help support the site, so thanks for considering it!


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