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AmberLee17 16 yrs ago
Okay, AmberLee17, we need to talk. My computer is now saying...."Your bookshelf...AmberLee17" and logging me in that way..I can view all your BCID's and personal stats....this is not good. Ron, what's going on?



Okay, logged out and then in again, and that worked....but how did that happen?


it happened to me too when I clicked on the link she posted in the newby forum. She posted someones bookshelf, but also posted her log in ID as part of the link. I wrote to the webmaster to get it fixed.

I was tryin to figure out how sh got into my computer to log in too!


Yeah, well, I'm AmberLee, too, missy. This forum ain't big enough for the both of us. Uh - I mean the both of me. :-)



lmao...I think everyone should go to newbies and click the link she posted, and get logged in as much fun could we have with that? lol


**blush** Sorry. Don't know what I did wrong.


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