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Hello All!
Where to start? Well, new to this whole community and network, I guess I just wanted to make a plea on behalf of all the little guys (or little towns I should say). I live on the West Coast of Vancouver Island and just discover the world of possible reading adventures that BookCrossings offers. But like most small communities, there aren't many members in little Ukee (only six, and 4 of those members are from my office!!=D). So if in your travels and adventures across our lovely province (or country, OR beyond) you happen to find yourself in ANY small community, remember us. I can't wait to 'capture' or find my first book! In the mean time I'll do my part and spread the word ;)
Ok, and secondly, I was checking out some of the links (websites we like) and was completely intreged by WheresGeorge. Any ideas as to whether there's a canuck website that offers the same kinda fun!? !
Lastly, to the mastermind: this website has for sure become a hobby. Even watching the number climb on the top right of my screen brings a ridiculous amount of glee! 58,378 and counting babee!!! Labour-of-love?

Keep up the great work Ron, and all your commited staff!

Thanx a lot. Take care all.... y


Yes, there is a Canadian version: Where's Willy.


would you look at that...if i'd looked further in the wheresgeorge site i would've found that myself. (sorry) but thanks all the same!!
cheers . . . . y


Welcome to the 'other' BC from a fellow VI'er! Glad to have you here Adelene. :)


Hey Adelene, just wanted to let you know my thoughts about your location. Even though you may be in a 'small' (but absolutely beautiful place) your releases have a really good chance of clocking up some miles and exploring some fantastic places. I was one of the thousands of tourists that visit VI each year and backpackers are just the kind of people to pick up enjoy and re-release a free book. I hope this happens for you :)


Well Greenwood is a tiny place in B.C. with tons of books in the wild and not many searchers! We are on a major highway so anybody passing through stop by for a book! Something I have noticed all you B.C. bookcrossers....Ontario is about to overtake us in released books. For ages they were usually about 400 books behind and now they are only about 100!! Are we going to let that happen??


Oh oh, time to get busy! ;)


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