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I am a teacher and organize Stamp Collecting Workshops with my students. This is a cultural activity. I give each student an envelope with 80 or 100 stamps when they begin the workshop, so as you can image I need many stamps. A lot of people help me with stamps, any are welcome soaked or attahed, duplicates, because they swap, they organize them.
Of course if somebody wants to help me with stamps, PM me and I'll send my address


it's the intrest idea, i want to help you ( a litte, maybe...more ??;)

I'm sending some you.

:-) "Bye to next";)


Thank you very much for your offer. Any stamps are welcome. We have many children in the workshop.
Have a good weekend


I hope next year there will be more.


Thank you very much,


stellamaris23 1 yr ago
I have received your stamps. Please PM me in order to help your daughter with learning Spanish



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