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A German group of bookcrossers thought it would be nice to use Social Media to promote Bookcrossing on BookcrossingDay this year. Please spread the text via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and wherever you want:

4/21/2018 is international Bookcrossing-Day!
And that's how you can participate: Free a book anywhere you like, take a photo of that moment and post it online with the hashtag #bookcrossingday! Please share this post to raise as much awareness as possible! Free your books!

On my profile, you'll find a picture which you can use freely.
Thank you very much. Looking forward to Bookcrossing Day!


literaturpower さんの投稿を自分なりに訳してみました。まだ少し言葉が固いかな。


できるだけ多く認知してもらうため、拡散を希望します。Free your books!
ありがとうございました。ブッククロッシング・デーを楽しみましょう!      Trude


Thank you for translating! ( :


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