Any bookcrossers on facebook here?

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My apologies for not posting this in Japanese ... I would like to say that my Japanese is rusty, but I just don't have a clue! ;-)

I'm a fairly active facebooker ... some (aka my husband) might even call me slightly addicted. However, I thought of using facebook to create some extra buzz for the other love of my life ... bookscrossing. ;-)

On facebook there is an event for Bookcrossing Day. You can find it here:

If you are on FB you can like, share and attend the event and post your releases for bookcrossing on there as well. This way more and more people will see this event even though they aren't necessarily bookcrossers and hopefully become interested.

I am also part of several bookloving communities on FB. I will be posting 'win'competitions, in which I will send several people a bookcrossing book to use for Bookcrossing Day. (Rules: like, share or attend the event and out of all these people I will choose a few to send a book to.)

I've been a bookcrosser for 10 years now and I've made up my mind to advertise about the hobby that I've been happy in for so long. Hopefully some of you will follow suit. Bookcrossers unit! :D
(Thanks for reading this!)


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