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I found a Japanese book but don't read the language, so I registered it and hope to release it soon.

Can someone please direct me to another registered Japanese book that has a journal entry from which I can copy/paste a brief "welcome" text about Bookcrossing?


How did you obtain 『1Q84』?I can not understand English well.
Can you send this book to Japan?I live in KOBE.I think it is best way BC book written by japanese will release inJapan.

I read your journal of 『1Q84』.You write journal by Chinese. Can you speak and write Chinese?


imuzak12 4 yrs ago
Mine is...
It is not so short, but this is what I used the last time.



The similar message is written here http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/11891749 in English.

If you want to use much shorter version, here are some:

Welcome to BookCrossing.
This book is traveling.
If you love a book, set it free.
Make the world a library.


I just took a peak at your bookshelf, okyrhoe, and noticed that your Murakami's book description was written in Chinese, not Japanese. Then I wonder if your copy was in Chinese language, not Japanese...

If this is your copy, then it is written in Chinese.
ISBN-10: 9571351008 Publisher:時報文化出版企業有限公司

Japanese copy is published by 新潮社 (Shichosha).


okyrhoe 4 yrs ago
RE: Chinese
Thanks for noticing this!

I copy/pasted the description text from what I thought was a Japanese edition. I will remove/replace the text.
Obviously I am not familiar with either JP or CN languages!

Can someone take a closer look at the image of the book's cover and tell me what language my copy of the book is written in?
http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12453919 and click on the cover image to enlarge it.


It looks like Chinese one to me... The cover looks very similar to these.
Above books are in Chinese language, 中国語.

And, these are in Japanese language, 日本語.
http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/11164510 (This one is Book 1, #2)

Please look closely your book cover, the red box on the bottom left corner.
I think you can see "時報文化出版", which is Chinese publisher, there.
Murakami's Japanese publisher is "新潮社" (Shichosha). The publisher name, "新潮", should show on the book spine if it is Japanese one, I think.


okyrhoe 4 yrs ago
RE: Chinese
Chinese it is!

Sorry for my haste in assuming it was a Japanese edition. When I found the book I assumed it would be in the language of the author, which I recognized.



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