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anyone in the US interested joining bookray for the above title that is made into a movie ?


Why, why, why did they set it in America? I had the location in my head. The house was so wrong, the garden was wrong and the underpass wasn't the least scary. I was shouting "NO!" within 5 minutes. Who has sex on their kitchen counter when they have a wall of floor to ceiling windows and a train line going past the end of the garden? Admittedly I calmed down and the second half was better but possibly because we were looking at the outside of the houses a little less. Not even sure if Tom was evil enough.


Having seen the movie I have been told the book is much better I hope so because I thought the movie was very average


of course the book was better, but the movie wasn't half bad. I wasn't too happy about it being set in NY, but I thought it was pretty good.


I just watched it also, I can say that I liked it. It is far better than some other adaptations I've seen. But still a book is a book :/


I just watch the movie on my pc and I have to say book was better then movie. I waited a long time for movie and then I was seating on my coach and just watch without any emotions.


And what is your opinion about the movie. Is it better than the book or not?


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