A Walk in the Woods

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The Bill Bryson book has been made into a film, starring Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and Emma Thomson. It opens here tomorrow. Has anyone seen it yet?


It was very funny but some serious notes especially about deforestation. I thought Redford was too old for the part although he still looks good. Nick Nolte was excellent, just how I pictured Katz from the book. The movie doesn't do the whole walk and there are some scenes I don't remember being in the book but that could just be my faulty memory. All in all, a good buddy movie.


It reminded us that Redford is a very fit 79-year-old! And Nolte a not-so-fit 74 year-old. And a reminder that both Bryson and Katz were in their 40s when they took the trip. Also, did you know that Redford optioned to do this film with his old buddy Paul Newman, to team up again, a reunion of sorts after the days of Butch Cassidy. But then Newman died and so it was put on hold.

Overall, the review said it was an ok film, not more, not less. I may see it. It's been a good few years since I've read the book so I doubt I would remember things omitted or added, ;-)


I don't think I'll see it in a theater. I'm not much into going to the theater.
I will probably watch it when it comes out on TV.


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