I wish….

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wingBookgirrlwing 3 yrs ago
I wish….
…the book I'm reading right now would be made into a movie. The story is just so incredible, and TRUE! The book is "A Long Way from Home" by Saroo Brierley. Anyone know if there are plans in the works for a film? Canadian director Deepa Mehta…she'd be perfect! ("Fire", "Water", "Earth", "The Republic of Love"…etc.)


wingJ4shawwing 3 yrs ago
A film, "Lion", is currently filming in Kolkata, Melbourne and Hobart and will also star Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel.


jessibud 3 yrs ago
RE: Yep!
Oh, I am happy to hear that, as I, too, just finished this book and was riveted. However, to be very honest, I really do not like Nicole Kidman and wish someone else had been cast in her place. I also hope that the screen adaptation is done well and not *Hollywood-ized* too much. The story is such a good and solid one, as Brierley told it in the book. I hope the film does it justice...


jenz007 1 yr ago
I can't wait for this book & then I want to watch the movie! I am ISO of it


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