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(published in the USA, Australia and New Zealand as *Someone Knows My Name*) has been turned into a tv miniseries. I am actually reading the book now, and hope to finish it before it begins on Wed, January 7, here in Canada.

It looks like it has a great cast and I am happy that it will be a miniseries rather than a 2-hour movie. It is a huge book and I think too much would have had to be cut to squeeze into a film.


Enjoyed the book so look forward to the film.


and am looking forward to it.


In the US it will be on the BET Cable Network starting Feb 16 at 8pm. The 6 hr series to be shown in 2hr. segments for 3 nights. You lucky Canadians, in the US we still have to wait for another month to see it.


Third segment is on tonight. I am really enjoying it and my husband, who has not read the book, is too.


Yes, it is really well done. I hope if there are any awards for tv movies, this one garners them all. It's outstanding so far, though not always easy to watch, in parts


I just heard about the miniseries last week. They already were on the third episode by the time I heard about it. I checked the cable station and saw that they are repeating it starting next week. Then I started wishing I had read the book, so I decided to buy it. I've been frantically trying to read it. The good thing about recording the series is that It will still be there when I'm done with the book. I'm really looking forward to watching the series based on good reviews I've read, so I'm sure it won't take me long to finish the book.


though I did not finish it before the series began. I knew the series was being made over a year ago so I should have made more of an effort. That said, even though I expect there had to be some condensing for purposes of time, I felt the acting and casting was great and I really enjoyed the series. I think I will go back to the book and finish it. Once you are done, let me know and I have a link to a really interesting article by Larry Hill (author) on how he came to having the novel adapted for screen. Delightful!


Thank you I would appreciate that. I'm only on page 100 of 647 pages, so it will be a little while. I'll let you know when I'm done. I'm loving it so far,


You know what? Here's the link. By the time you finish the book, I will most surely forget. And it may no longer be online. I actually cut the article out of the actual magazine it appeared in (The Walrus, a Canadian magazine) so if the link ends up disappearing, let me know and I am happy to mail it to you.


For the interesting article. It's amazing how much time and work went into making the mini series. The debate about which title to use was interesting. When I first heard about the book I thought the title was offensive without knowing what the book was about.

As luck would have it, our cable box broke and had to be replaced. As a result, everything I had recorded was lost including all six episodes of the Book of Negroes. I have to say that I absolutely love the book. Now I can take my time and savor the book instead of rushing through it. I'm hoping that at some point the mini series will be repeated.


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