Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - BBC mini-series, 2015:

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I adored the novel ( ), and was pleased to find that there's a mini-series in the works from the BBC (IMDB info here: ). The casting looks good, but I can't help wondering whether the very dry humor of the story will translate to the screen. The series is supposed to have seven hour-long episodes, a fair amount of time to play with...

Only problem is, now that I know it's being made, I'm very impatient to see it! I may have to listen to my audiobook version again to tide me over.


This has been at the bottom of my pile for a long time because of the size of it but now it's being made into a series a lot of people have said how much they enjoyed it. Perhaps it's time to bump it up.


Quick update on Strange and Norrell, the mini-series: the BBCAmerica site ( ) says it premieres in the US on June 13. Yay! (It's already airing in the UK; I'm jealous {wry grin}.)


But it looks like something that will appeal to me. Thanks for letting us know about it. I must look out for it. I tried to watch the videos, but, "The video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location." Hong Kong. I'll try again in Australia and see if that makes a difference.


It's not due to air until the 13th but was available in my cable's On Demand, so of course I watched it - and was very happy. Oh, sure, there's a good deal of collapsing-of-events to fit the doorstopper story into a mini-series, but in general I thought it handled the setup very well, and I liked most of the cast. My quibbles: Mr. Segundus seems too young, and Mr. Drawlight seems too old. Perhaps the latter was because the novel's Drawlight was a young dandy similar to Lascelles, and it was thought he'd be more identifiable if he was older and less "dandy"?

But I adore the casting of Strange and Norrell, and Childermass (my favorite character in the book), and of Stephen Black (though we've barely met him as of episode 1) - and, of course, the Gentleman with the Thistledown Hair, played by Marc Warren, who portrayed another mystical psychopath in "Hogfather". Looking forward to the rest of the series!


I've been enjoying the mini-series very much, despite the necessary abridgements of shoving such a huge book into a 7-episode series. However, the final episode not only collapses a lot of plot-threads to the point where they must seem utterly baffling to the viewer, but rearranges most of the grand-finale confrontations in such a way that is really putting me off. I suppose the book-version may have seemed too low-key and quiet for a screen adaptation, but I really wanted to see those scenes play out as written. Ah, well!


I can view the shorts of it now I am back in Australia. Likely they were blocked in Hong Kong, which was where I was when I tried to view it previously.


I had been looking forward to the book so much, and it did have some great bits, but overall, it was a fairly disappointing slog so I had planned on skipping the series.
I've heard so much praise for the series from people whose viewing habits normally chime with mine, so will probably change my mind (but after the letdown of the book, it's not my priority)
In Germany, either Netflix or Amazon Prime have it, it is on my watchlist...


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