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In order to refresh my memory, I just re-read The Great Gatsby in preparation for this new release.

It was my privilege to attend an advance screening last night and I LOVED it. Two thumbs up. The images from my mind played out so true on the screen. The costuming was opulent - I wanted to watch the first half in slow motion.

Leonardo DiCaprio was exquisite as Gatsby - playing out such a range of emotions with his usual gift.

I was very impressed with this newest tribute to such a classic story. I hope you love it as much as I did.


I last read it at school and LOVED the book. However when I saw the movie with Robert Redford in the main part I very disappointed. He was very, very, VERY miscast. I can't say that strongly enough, as I hated that movie because of him playing the part. I thought Mia Farrow was good in her part though. Normally I liked Robert Redford and didn't like Mia Farrow, so shows what I thought of their casting. I pictured Gatsby as being tall and dark haired, not chunky and blond like Robert Redford.
It will be interesting when I re-read this book (a bookray) if I still like the book as much, and what I think of Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby, when I eventually see this movie. Do I still need Gatsby to be tall and dark haired?


I just watched the movie tonight, I had read the book previously. The movie is certainly opulent, and beautifully staged and shot. But I think I wasn't in the mood for a movie because it dragged a bit.
The actors are good, Isla Fisher plays the mistress and is wonderful, and Leonardo was a wonderful Gatsby. I guess there is always the hope of a happy ending, instead of the tragedy that you know is coming.


I read the book years ago and saw the movie in the 1970's. I recently saw the new release and thought Leonardo DiCaprio was excellent in the role of Gatsby. However, I much prefer the version that came out in the 70's with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford. I decided to watch that version again after seeing the new release. I got much more of the feel of the time period from the older version than the new one, and I thought Mia Farrow was stunning as Daisy. The new version was a bit too over the top for me.


wingBillbookswing 3 yrs ago
I think this a terribly over rated book and the Baz Luhrman movie eek the previews turned me off Strictly Ballroom in the 1920's


I think this a terribly over rated book

I thought it was awful (sometimes I do wonder if I read the same book as everyone else! ) & consequently have no desire to see the film.


I liked the A&E version with Toby Stephens as Gatsby and Paul Rudd & Mia Sirvino.


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