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A place for BookCrossers to make any special announcements to the community, including info on upcoming special events (also see our Conventions and Meetings forum), community activities, new media exposure, local BookCrossing gatherings, etc. If you have news to share, or something to shout about, let others know by using the Community Bulletin Board. If you're uncertain if your post is appropriate for this forum, try this test: would you hang a notice about this on an actual bulletin board in your community?

Detroit area (1 / 1)
freezone 2 yrs ago
Sad news (27 / 27)
Skyring 2 yrs ago
iheara 2 yrs ago
wingsota48wing 3 yrs ago
More sad news (5 / 5)
wingethereawing 3 yrs ago
wingBookgirrlwing 3 yrs ago
ETMadrid 3 yrs ago
wingTexasWrenwing 3 yrs ago
wingekorrenwing 3 yrs ago
SPAM! (5 / 5)
wingBookgirrlwing 3 yrs ago
wingbcsupportteamwing 3 yrs ago
11 yrs (9 / 9)
winginnaewing 3 yrs ago
veleta 3 yrs ago
wingBookgirrlwing 3 yrs ago
winggimboidwing 3 yrs ago
App (1 / 1)
spfldjohn 3 yrs ago

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