Bragging about my challenges. Happy New Year everybody!

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I have managed to succeed in all my challenges:

1 – One non-fiction book per month (not including poetry or plays). DONE

2 – One poetry book per month. DONE

3 – 150 books in the whole year: I finally got to 168

4 – 25,000 pages: I got to 28,532. For this year I am going t increase my goal to 30,000 pages.

5 – 24 foreign (I consider "foreign" any reading materials whose author are not from Spain, USA or UK) books in the whole year. I also allowed for 3 months (and 3 months only) in which I could read only 1 and then compensate.: I didn't eve need the compensation mechanism. I am going to scrap that for my 2021's challenge.

6 – 40 books written by women. I got to 75

7 – 3 of my books per month. DONE

This was the messy challenge. I include ebooks here. As this year has been as it is, most of my books have been ebooks, which is allowed and within the challenge but not my original intention. So next month I am only counting the paper books.

8 – 1 African book per month. DONE



Well done veleta.
Have a good reading year


Good for you!


Well done! I hope you found some really good reads among all the challenge-selections. I know I've discovered marvelous new books that wouldn't have come my way without some kind of challenge, but I've also hit a few clunkers {wry grin}.


Good for you. On the other hand I failed by one book on each of my challenges except for the challenge to read all the books I had received from other BookCrossers before Dec 31 2019. Still I find it helps to have challenges even if you don't reach them. I do the SIY challenge every quarter for an incentive to work on my annual challenges (SIY stands for Sit it Yourself) and that really helps.


And which was your number one in all that?! Very impressive!!


Good for ya! Time to make new challenges for this year!


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