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Who is interested in 6 Norwegian children books.
I will gladly send them over.
They are not registered on Bookcrossing (yet)

-Juss og Troll & Hakon's saga
-Kjenner du Pippi Langstrompe?
-H.C. Andersen Eventyr
-Asbjornsen og Moe
-Tante Grönn, Tante Brunn og Tante Fiolett
-Rim og Regleboka


I am not fluent enough in Norwegian to read these books, but there is a Scandinavian forum for speakers of Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. This kind of announcement might catch interest there.


Yes I'm sure you'll find takers on the Scandinavian chat but I am very close to the Norwegian Church here in London and I could always take them there!


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