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This is TOO KARMIC! I have just NOW, sealed a letter that I am mailing to Azuki in FL. More Bookcrossing karma. Keep it coming....


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This Sunday, August 23rd - Book Swap/Meetup at Queen's Park: 1 - 4pm. It would be great to see you in person! It's been ages, and I would imagine we all have piles of books to share/release. You can PM me for my cell number or for more info.


I miss my local group so much. I wonder if we could do something similar? I'll run that by them.


We are bringing our own chairs/blankets, sandwiches etc. and, at least at this point, the weather forecast for Sunday looks great. Wish you could join us, SqueakyChu!


Yes, I wish you could teleport yourself up here! We don't expect a lot of people (biggest group so far, was when you came up to TO, SqueakyChu!).
I think we'll have 5 or 6. 'Wish my Mom could join us, but not feasible.


...biggest group so far, was when you came up to TO, SqueakyChu

I was impressed by your group's size! Say hi from me to your mom.


...I will say hi to my Mom. We "kidnapped" her from her senior's apt. after the meetup (you are now allowed to take a family member out for a drive). We drove right up to a quiet spot about 20 feet from a lovely park, opened the car doors, and Mom ate a picnic dinner overlooking a big, green expanse of grass. You aren't supposed to get out of the car, and Mom is a stickler for the rules of her residence - I couldn't
coax her to sit on a park bench! It's been really hard staying in that place day after day and a change is as good as a rest/mini-holiday. I hope for our next meetup, she'll be there, but I doubt we can do it outdoors....the weather will be getting chilly by end of Sept. We may have to get creative as to the venue. 'Best to you.


Wish you could join us, SqueakyChu!

I wish I could have! How was it?


It was actually lovely. The forecasters were threatening thunderstorms but we looked at the sky and could only see blue skies and one white puffy cloud so we went for it. At first it was just bookgirrl and me, then a few minutes later 2 others joined us. They didn't bring chairs (as we had) and stayed for around 15 minutes. After they left, another BC friend joined us and about a half hour later, another. So at most, we were 4 at once, all nicely and easily distanced. We brought our own lunches, and spread a plastic tablecloth on the grass to spread out the books. We were there under the shade of a tree, for a good 3 hours, and it was so fun to just get together again. We had hoped a few others might show up but it was just fine. I hope we can do it again soon.

I think doing a meetup this way, picnic style, bringing our own food, and sitting apart, works well, especially if the group isn't large. I didn't use gloves, though one guy did. And we were outside in the fresh air and sitting far enough apart that we felt ok removing our masks after awhile.


I wish I could teleport myself too!

Seriously, when the question "what super power you'd like" pops up, I always say, teleport.


LOL! Wouldn't that be fun! It would be great to see you again, Azuki! :-)


This is TOO KARMIC! I have just NOW, sealed a letter that I am mailing to Azuki in FL. More Bookcrossing karma. Keep it coming....


More Bookcrossing karma. Keep it coming....

You want it, Bookgirrl? Here it is! I now know Azuki from my BCinDC Zoom meetings. Plus she is my Pokemon GO "friend" as well. :D

Your meetup sounds lovely, jessibud and Bookgirrl. .

Azuki, if I forget, remember to tell the others in BCinDC about this meetup suggestion, Maybe by then you wil lbe able to teleport yourself up (big savings on gasoline!). By the way, I now have new hearing aids and plan to HEAR whatever is being said on our Zoom meeting (coming up this weekend during Rosh Hashana).

Shana Tovah, jessibud!


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