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Hi, I've just started the Lionheart Library, a local community library operating out of a refashioned rabbit hutch and a book case in my garage in Bursledon, Hampshire in the UK, on Lionheart Way. I've collected and received donations of books from all over the place, mainly Facebook Marketplace, and am now registering and releasing books on a weekly basis.

Friday is Substitution Day at the Library where I replace the stock and give the local readers and community approx. 25-30 new books to browse through. There's a stash of BC labels in there in case anyone wants to get started themselves, and its generally going down very well. I've set up a small Facebook Group - Lionheart Library - and have about 50 people joined and contributing. Every so often I check the hutch and see someone's left a few magazines, or some of their own second hand books, so just waiting for BC registered books to start receiving journals of their own, or reappearing so I can add a journal myself.

I was amazed that over the last 2 weeks or so I've released over 100 books, which has contributed to almost 1/5 of the total UK book releases. It definitely made me smile :)

If anyone is around the Bursledon area check out the Lionheart Library and feel free to add new books, take any that take your fancy, but of course make sure you journal it when you get home!

Happy BookCrossing!


Always great to hear of new places BookCrossing books are being set free.
Is this to be listed as an Official BookCrossing zone?
Let us know.


I wish you many catches!


Great job.
Long may it continue.


Sounds like its already a success.


Thanks to everyone for your comments and best wishes. I'm always forgetful checking on the forums! No logs yet...that old chestnut! Not sure how many I've released through the Library now - must have a count of the assigned books. Is there a quick way?

Can be an OBCZ - i forget what that actually means..!


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