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Although the libraries are closed due to the COVID-19 (Cornona Virus) pandemic, I hope you all are still hunting and reading books.


Reading, definitely - in fact I've had a couple of new JEs on some books of mine that had been on other BCers' to-be-read stacks for some time, so this may give folks a chance to reduce their Mount TBRs! As for hunting and releasing - I'm still doing that to some degree, but am mostly focusing on the (many) local Little Free Libraries, by way of giving people reading options now that the public library's closed. But it's worth taking precautions; this article on the Little Free Library site has some useful information:


GoryDetails, are we not supposed to release books at LFLs? I've been doing that since there are so many near me.


are we not supposed to release books at LFLs?

There is no 'supposed'. Use your own judgement; the article seems pretty sensible, so you might want to read it.


Sorry, I did read the article, GoryDetails made it sound like they were not releasing and INSTEAD was using LFLs. I was afraid I was going against bookcrossing rules.

The article was great and made me feel a lot better, as that's the only thing I can really take the kids to go do...not that they're touching the libraries or anything, but without a yard I've got no reason to get them outside.



I believe 3 book boxes, 2 wish list tags, happyday mail. With life returning to semi normal I plan to get those things out.
My family didnt want me going out.


KatGirl13 8 mos ago
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Our library is open now with restrictions. I also have a lot of new books that I purchased to read over the summer.


Gloves are not necessary. Before and after handling books, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Refrain from touching your face. Refrain from using Little Free Libraries if you are sick.

I sanitize my Little Free Library daily with antiseptic wipes. I also put any donated books into quarantine without handling them again for at least 24 hours. I would recommend others do the same lest someone coughed on them! Some people say they wipe books with wipes, but I don't see how that can sanitize edges of pages.


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