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Has anyone heard of or been a part of the Art Abandonment Project? It is somewhat similar to the BookCrossing ethos.
The Art Abandonment Project is creating and sharing random acts of art says Michael and Andrea Matus deMeng. They are cofounders of the project and have written a book about the project. They also have a Facebook page where you can follow abandoned art, artisans, and the people who have discover the art.

They say it is easy to create, but the hard part is letting go of what you create. Abandoning your creations helps you to share and give a part of yourself. How nice it is to brighten someone’s day with a surprise treasure.
They mention how art abandonment is a nice sanctuary from judgment and rejection. It is creativity without judgment. You can connect with others and create wonder and mystery.

The book explains how to be an abandoneer and here are the basic steps:

1. Create something, anything. The book and Facebook page has photos of artwork created, everything from cards, paintings, sculptures, and handcrafted items.
2. Find a location to abandon the artwork so it can be found. It is a good idea to put the artwork in a plastic bag if it is fragile. Also, you can include a note saying the artwork is gift (there are samples of notes in the book and on Facebook). Also, some suggests about locations.
3. Capture the abandonment – take a photo of the artwork, maybe take the photo at the abandonment place. You can post the photo on the Facebook page.

And you just might find out who found your art. But if not, know you might have brought a smile to someone’s face.


ETMadrid 1 yr ago
Oh yes
I like it!


ooohhhhh, I like this idea! Gonna have to ease myself into it however, as I am also an artist by trade... lol A local artist in my area hosts a "Free Art Friday" every week around the area, so I might do that, eventually!


I participate in a local 'game' of painting rocks and leaving them for others to find. But instead of painting them, I crochet a cover (I really hate painting rocks). Also occasionally I do some yarn-bombing.


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