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After 15 years away, this answers my question, Bookcrossing still is a thing... but how big a thing?


In the lives of many of us, BookCrossing is a big thing. But what exactly are you asking?
If you want to know how many books are released, and where, check out the Go Hunting pages https://www.bookcrossing.com/hunt
In any case, welcome back!


Welcome back! BookCrossing activity varies from place to place and over time, but lots of books are being set free. Check out the Site Watch forum for some recent catches.


but how big a thing?

And a third way to look at it is here: https://www.bookcrossing.com/about which shows the cumulative number of members who have registered (although most are not active) and the cumulative total of books that have been registered by them.

Or you could look at the Release Challenges forum to see how some members are currently releasing books. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/23

And yet another way, a look at Meetings and Conventions currently taking place or being planned https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/22 so you can see that in some parts of the globe BookCrossers are still very interested in getting together with each other.


Welcome back! You are doing your name justice! 15 years away in 15 years of membership, and one release per 5 years, on average.
I am encouraging you to release another book soon. Being so melancholic you might not have any fun from this, maybe just sad to see a book go? Don't worry because someone else might have fun finding a book!
No, joking apart, get into it and you might soon have reason to change your name.


I dip in and out of BookCrossing - joined in 2014 and made some good friends many that I’m still in touch with. Released some books yesterday and the releasing bug took hold of me again ! BookCrossing will always be part of my life, and even in my quiet times I still spread the word! BookCrossing has given me so much


- not as fast and furiously as some - and just occasionally I do get others to do it too - yesterday my sister went and caught a book after I think she got a release alert!


Conventions! 'Still going strong, and really fun. I will admit, many people "fall off" the Bookcrossing wagon after a while but if you stick with it (don't get hung up about how many wild finds/JE's you get), there is a really dedicated core around the world, and that makes for wonderful friendships, activities and may I say again....conventions!!! 'Talk about renewing one's interest! Attending a convention is a sure-fire way to stoke the fire. I felt positively warm, fuzzy and excited when I came home from Mainz last April - even though I had to miss all of Sunday (but that's another story...) 'Looking forward (and saving like mad) for Finland.


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