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If you are a LibraryThing member, please consider joining our group for 2020 BookCrossing challenges:

We've been running an annual group since 2014 and would love to have more BC/LT members join us! If you have any questions about how the group works, or why you might want to join LibraryThing if you're not currently a member, please feel free to ask.


I just followed the link and posted over there.


and also welcome others to join us on LIbraryThing. I'm SqueakyChu there as well. :D


It meshes well with the SIY challenge on BookCrossing because with the LT challenge I set out at the beginning of the year what I want to accomplish and the SIY challenge forces me to look at how I am doing every 3 months. I'm going to fail badly at the LT challenge this year but I have read over 30 books from the TBR pile anyway.

Kudos to mathgirl40 who keeps cheerleading us all through the year.


I am a LibraryThing member, but I don't do challenges. I try to minimize outside constraints on my reading, limiting those to due dates at the library or having to read for a book club or class.

And, believe me, you wouldn't want to see a "list [of] all the books on my TBR list", because it would be really, really long!


because it would be really, really long!

But, I would imagine, really, really interesting. I always enjoy seeing what you are reading in Book Talk.


Glad to see the returning members, and thank you, gypsysmom, for the kind words!

Even if you're not interested in setting any challenges, do feel free, mojosmom, to stop in to say hello and tell us about your current reading.


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