themed release for tomorrow: the World Cat Day

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Hello I want to give you news of a themed release for tomorrow; I know it's late but we can try. Tomorrow is the World Cat Day; how about freeing books on this wonderful life partner? In an Italian Fb group it is possible to find suitable labels for the event. Thanks if you participate.
We have talked to the hastag #BookcrossingCat. Good releases!


Will see what I can do! (There's an International Cat Day in August, fwiw, so if anyone misses this one maybe they can try for that one. Oh, and my cat says that this is silly - *every* day is cat day!)


Thank you for your cats too says the same...But it's a way to honor them!

Which would be totally appropriate for BC.


Just for future reference, you might have better luck if you posted in the SSMs forum or the Release Challenges forum, as people go to those looking for prompts on what to release.


Thank you for your suggestion; I will keep it in mind.



1 - Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings: A Catwings Tale

2 - Animal Ark Pets #13 : Cat Crazy

3 - The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell

4 - Cat Raise the Dead: A Joe Grey Mystery

5 - Hiss of Death: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery

6 - The Busy World of Richard Scarry: Huckle Cat's Colors


We had snow yesterday, so I didn't go out, but I did release a cat-themed book today:

Pussycats ( )




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