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In the last few months I have not been receiving emails for my release alerts or to tell me journal entries have been made on books that were once on my shelf. I have checked my profile and all is as always when I did receive the messages. I have found out indirectly of books caught and know of books released. When you have a lot of books it is hard to keep track of them without a journal message.


Yes, this is a known bug ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/547640 ), and a depressing one. The individual alert emails still work, but those are only available to members with wings, and the default is to the digest format - so newbies will usually keep the default setting and won't get the emails. I know it's being looked at, but I have no idea if there's a fix in sight yet.

If you're willing to get wings, you can set your alerts to "individual" and should receive emails then - while the wings last. Another handy wings feature is to sort your bookshelf by "most recently journaled," which will bring recent catches to the top of the list.

I really hope a fix is found for the problem soon!


I was afraid it was another way of getting people to buy wings. Oh well......


jessibud 11 mos ago
I haven't had wings in ages but I still get the occasional journal alert. I just assumed it was because none of my books were being journalled. Is it possible that I AM getting alerts, even without wings? It's confusing, now...


I am unhappy that I cannot track books I have released over the last 13 years. The message for bookcrossing is "When someone finds a book and makes a journal entry at the website, you get an email notification. You can follow your books' journeys through the world, and the lives they touch, forever!"
That is a wonderful thought but now it is restricted to the elite winged bookcrossers and we poor old simple ones have to wonder. I had catches increased so started looking for them, guessed a couple. Then I chose the filter for my books to show me all "out of hands". I went through all 141 pages. Of course most of the 3507 books I have released have never been journalled by anyone else, so I only had to look at the other 853 or so and found quite a few journal entries I had not seen, some were catches, others later entries. The earliest of my unkowns was 1 December 2017, so that's over 2 months I've now caught up on. But what of the future?
If it is too expensive to send emails, leave them out, but give us a filter to select books most recently journalled by anyone, anywhere. That would be easy enough to program and I could be happy again!


If it is too expensive to send emails, leave them out,

It's not. It's just that the feature is broken. None of this is intentional.


Wondefull!!!! The alert emails are Back! Thank you so much!


Wondefull!!!! The alert emails are Back! Thank you so much!

Really?! Wonderful indeed, and so important if Bookcrossing is to continue. Will get releasing some more!


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