Facebook event for Bookcrossing Day?

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I wondered if there it is possible to make a facebook event for Bookcrossing Day? It is something that can be shared worldwide by all bookcrossers on FB (and there are quite a few). I know I can make one myself, but it might carry a little more weight if it was done by the administrators of the official Bookcrossing page, in stead of some silly woman from Belgium nobody knows. ;)
This way it can be shared on other bookloving pages on facebook. And more people sharing means more 'buzz' for this wonderfull community. No?


That's a good idea! I'll pass it on.


Thanks, Moem!


That's a good idea! I'll pass it on.

And since Bookcrossing is on Instagram now, as well...maybe something in tandem, for those who are active there!!! ; D I PM'd this link to elizardbreath!!! ; )


I'm in---sounds good!


That's an excellent idea! Thanks for passing it on Moem!



Woop! Wonderfull!! :D


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