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I have been given permission from the curator of our local museum to have a one off Book Crossing Zone at the museum.
I would like some advice on how I should go from here, how do I set it up are there any rules I should follow. Do I need permission from the Book crossing bosses? Also can I ask for book donations? and if people agree to send some do I pay the postage? Any advice would be welcome
Cheers Donna


You may find this forum more helpful


I made a pop-up OBCZ once at a weekend meeting for travel consultants.
I filled a basket with BC books and printed flyers with BCinfo.
I also made a list of the books with the question if whoever to a book would leave their name and hometown name, so I could write a release note if the book was gone. (Just in case they did not do it themselfs ;-)
I did this under my own BCname.


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