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(Please translate however needed)

Hey Everyone!

Earlier this fall, I received approval from BC management to open an official BookCrossing account on Instagram and now that we're settled in our new home, I've got it all up and running. I'm super excited about this as I know it will be another great way to share our passion for books and book sharing with the world!

If you are on Instagram, please follow the account: @bookcrossing_official

I'm really hoping the whole BookCrossing community will contribute as I'd love to have BookCrossers from all over the world represented on our account. To contribute photos to be posted to the account, send photos to: and include the following information:

Your BookCrossing username
Location the photo was taken (city, state, country, etc.--whatever applies)
Any description you'd like me to include in the caption
Any applicable and appropriate hashtags to be included in the caption

I will respond to all emails within 48 hours so please contact me if you don't get a reply. That likely means I didn't receive your contribution.

Please note that I plan to put up all applicable and appropriate photos that are sent to me but may spread them out over time if I have a lot from the same person or area. Don't worry if you don't see all yours at once. I want to represent us as the diverse group that we are. Also, please be aware that our audience encompasses all ages so I won't be posting any graphic images or profanity.

I'm really looking forward to it all---Happy BookCrossing!
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Looks like...

... you made the news!
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Oh exciting! I've been grinning for an hour as I watch everyone interacting with the new account. So much fun!
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CONGRATULATIONS, elizardbreath!!! : D I don't really participate in Social Media, so I'm not on Instagram at this time, but I know many BCers who take FABulous photos of their releases and attach them to their Release Challenge posts. I'll bet BC on Instagram will be a HUGE success!!! KUDOS!!! : D XO
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Most people follow Instagram and other social media accounts, so I think this is a very good way to attract new members and keep old members interested. I may even send a couple of photos for you on the following months, thanks for all the work elizardbreath : )

Edit: I just posted the news in the Greek forum, there are some very active BCers there : )
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I think this is a brilliant idea! I know there are a lot of BCers who take some lovely book photos that seem like they would be a great fit for Instagram, which seems to have a number of creative book lovers. I don't take very many book pics, but if I do get a good one, I'll be sure to send it your way.

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Itwill be fun to follow where all those bc-books are left and found :)
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This may even tempt me to Instagram;)
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Oh my gosh, where do you find the time! I'm lucky if I can register a book now and then with only two kids!!
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Sounds good to me!!! Please, someone, keep me on top of this as Lynzie (BCer MrsTilney) graduates that next week and I'll be knee-deep in preparations!
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It's great to have Instagram to spread the word on BC and to share snaps on bookish places! Thank you Elizardbreath for posting my release snaps 😊
A Polish release from Golden Gate in Gdansk was caught right after its release, yay!
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That is so exciting!
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for taking this on. I do post on Instagram for our OBCZ. Will try to remember to send you the pics and details.
Also, I know there is a way to repost, honestly I need my younger staff to teach me. May make this project easier for you. I believe you need a repost app.
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Yes, a repost app would do the job. Also, I'm fine with you taking a screenshot and posting it in your feed that way. Just tag us and your followers will be able to learn more.

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