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I've been reading a few of the older posts that deal with such issues as someone no longer buying real books to release or finding books they have previously released being sold again.

These are real concerns, and there were some great responses provided. There seemed to be one answer missing, however. When I joined Bookcrossing lo these many years ago, I did so because I had read about this organization that wanted to increase literacy in the world through the simple medium of leaving a book where someone might find it and read it.

As a great lover of books and someone with an intense desire to have discussions about them with informed and interested people, I found this approach an engagingly simple solution to provide people who might not otherwise have access to free books a chance to explore a new idea.

In addition, when my friends ask why I left that book behind on a bench, it allows me to share this simple but charming idea with them. And, on occasion, inspires them to pick up a book and read.

So, whether you only read on a screen, have too many books already, or just enjoy scattering books, keep Bookcrossing. Who knows? Your simple act may prove to be the inspiration for the next great idea - even if you never know it.



My goal is to tempt people of whatever age to pick up a book and read. I don't see many journal entries but sometimes I'll see one for a book I set free 7 years ago. Sometimes I see books released because someone is moving or the kids outgrew the book.
Dog-Book-Lover, your message is well said.


Widget-1 10 mos ago
I love books
I have shelves of books....many of which I wouldn't part with.Before I joined BC I used to take my unwanted books to charity I buy books from the same shops to release! It's a win win situation.
Although I would never be without physical books,I do have a Kindle for holiday reading as I found taking about 10 books on holiday (I'm a quick reader ) was taking up too much luggage allowance.


Very well said. To me reading and releasing are too different hobbies. Sometimes they overlap and I release something I’ve read, but definitely not always.

Even if I wasn’t reading physical books at all, I’d still buy them to release because I enjoy it so much.


veleta 9 mos ago
My rhythm
I have bought loads of books for release. Usually, the ones I considered crap (Barbara Cartland, James Patterson to give two examples) used to wild-release, the rest I would take them to a meetup.


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