TexasWren's Annual Ornament Exchange 2017

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It's that time again!!

TexasWren's Annual international Ornament exchange, hosted by Herchelle


This is international. I will do my best to take your shipping preferences into consideration but cannot promise to meet everyone's, so please be prepared to ship internationally.

I will collect names until October 21, then I will pair names and send each person the name of their recipient along with their address, on or about October 31. We always make room for latecomers, but go easy on us.

If you'd like to participate, please send an email to ornamentsbc at gmail dot com (the spaces and words are done that way to avoid spam as much as possible. It's just a regular email address with no spaces, and@ instead of at.)

I need the following information:
BC Name (Very important!)
Real Name
Your Mailing address (This will be sent to only your match partner)
Shipping Preference-again, we will try to match, but be prepared to ship
internationally if necessary.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Happy Bookcrossing!
Herchelle/Ellen Bessala


Thanks for arranging this again, this year, Herchelle.


For overseas mailing...we'd better get cracking.


posted mine yesterday ~~


Most participants will be posting there



Thanks, Poodlesister. I had always seen the Ornament Exchange in (I think) Chit Chat, or maybe Community, and I had no idea it was in the "Not So Random...." section. I was flummoxed about the poor response until a couple of days ago! I'd better get cracking too, on my Xmas Deco mailing.


Maybe next year :)


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