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(cross-posted from Meetups and conventions forum)

Toronto is hosting a meetup in honour of a special visitor from the States: SqueakyChu crosses the border!

Hope you can all join in. 2pm - 4pm, Sunday, July 2nd at our usual OBCZ place of meeting, Harbord House Pub.  PM me if you need more info.


I'm very much looking forward to my first BC meetup outside of the US.

*very excited*


Greetings from Alberta, SqueakyChu! I hope that jessebud and you were able to meetup in Toronto, last week. That would be fun.
Oh my...! You have registered 10,000 books? I guess that I should try to get my bags of books registered.

If you are ever in Calgary, let me know.

Hi jessebud, how are you doing? Long time since I have seen you!


We had a great time last week!

So, when are you coming to visit???


Thanks for the greetings, herchelle. I had a fabulous time with jessibud and her troop of Bookcrossers at their meetup at the Harbord House in Toronto. I only wish that I could get to Toronto more often.

Jessibud, I miss hanging out with you...but you'll come down here soon (Right?), and we can hang out with my group of Bookcrossers in MD/DC/VA when you get here.

I haven't been in Alberta since 1970! :D I was there on a cross-Canada trip with a nursing school suitemate and her dog. That was a fun trip as well.


Wouldn't that be fantastic?


I second that suggestion!!!



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