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I'm sure her cats don't understand. All they know is that their mom never came back. :(

I've never known of anyone named Waneta before. Does anyone know the ethnicity of her surname?


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The BCinDC family is sad to report the loss of a beloved member of our group, whose passing we have only just learned of today.

FURBALL died on February 2, 2017. Information we have found indicates that she was hit by a car while crossing a dark street. She was a busy person and she made a wild release the day before, so it was a little while before her silence became worrisome to us.

FURBALL was an enthusiastic BookCrosser and especially loved mysteries and books about the macabre. She participated in the 2011 BC Convention in DC and had a ball at the 2012 Convention in Dublin. She was talking about attending 2018 in Bordeaux.

The link to her obituary is here

Our local group is organizing a memorial contribution to her beloved cat foundation as the obituary suggests. If any of you want to remember her, a donation towards cats in your area would be ideal. She always had multiple rescued cats in her home and they were the inspiration for her BC screen name.

A big hug to all in light of this sad event.


I'm so sorry to hear this bad news. FURBALL was a Good Egg.


a Good Egg.

Thank you . This was one of the things I have heard her say of others and it was high praise indeed. It is fitting that it be said of her.


Oh no! Thanks for posting - very sad news indeed...


I'll miss that black cat.


My condolences to her friends and family.


jessibud 1 yr ago
So sad.
Condolences to her family and friends


I'm very sorry to hear this. Since I joined BC after she passed away, I didn't get to know her through the forums, but she seems like such a wonderful person. Many condolences to her friends and family.


What a loss for all BCers.


She will be missed. My thoughts and prayers to her family, and to all who knew and loved her.


My deepest sympathies to her family and friends.


My condolences to her friends and family.


Very sad news, made sadder for us in that she did not have a bookcrossing buddy to let us know sooner. Another bookcrosser gone too soon to the big library in the sky.


Oh I am so sad to read this, she was so nice to me, so friendly to everyone. RIP you lovely girl xxx


I am also a member of BCinDC and saw FURBALL at a BookCrossing meetup here in my own city of Rockville just two days before her death. As we meet up only once a month, I never thought about her absence from any meeting as being something serious. I am so glad that 6of8 was perceptive enough to follow up.

FURBALL had been such a long-time and dedicated member of BookCrossing. I saw on her BookCrossing page that the last book entered was one she took from me at our last meetup. :(

She was totally great to have at our parties, at our meet-ups and at our book festivals. Her presence will be deeply missed.


I'm sure her cats don't understand. All they know is that their mom never came back. :(

I've never known of anyone named Waneta before. Does anyone know the ethnicity of her surname?


Sounds like Waneta could be an Anglicized spelling of Juanita but I don't know about the family name.


I hope her cats are being well looked after. I will make a donation to my local Cats Protection League in Furball's memory and maybe a cat related book release when I have a suitable book.


I remember meeting her in DC and Dublin and was looking forward to meeting her again in France. My sympathy to her family.


I am really sorry to hear this


I'm so sorry to read this.

Thank you for letting us know.


BookBirds 1 yr ago
Very sad -- I'll be thinking of her!


So sorry for all her friends and family and her furry friends too.



I didn't know FURBALL but it's always hard to lose a friend, and the circumstances here are very sad indeed.


So sad. My condolences to her family and friends.


buffyfan 1 yr ago
Very Sad.
I just saw this, and it's very sad. Furball's family and friends will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Thanks for letting us know.



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