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I will be moving to California the last week in April. Moving is such a chore! I have been busy boxing up books but I have also been releasing them at local Little Free Libraries and a local thrift store. Didn't realize I had so many books. The ones I have been releasing are books that I probably will never get to or books that I can find easily at the library like current best sellers, etc. Sorry if you may have sent me a book that I ended up releasing without reading. :(

Anyway, please do not send any books to my address in Utah. I should be in our new home by around the first of May so contact me if you need an address. Hopefully, I will be able to get my books I am keeping back in order then. Thanks!


Moving is such a chore!
InDEED!!! Hope things go as smoothly as possible for you.
Didn't realize I had so many books.
They really come out of the woodwork when one is in need of making a move. ; D

I have not yet gotten to the lovely Mark Twain book you shared with me , but am looking forward to the day, and I have NO plans to release it until I DO!!! ; ) Safe travels, perryfran!!! ; )


I know the feeling as I am moving as well and going through all my books deciding which to keep and which to take to the local Goodwill's in my area. A lot of the books I havent gotten to either and feel kind of bad about not getting to them. One good thing about donating them is at least someone else maybe able to enjoy them instead of them collecting dust on my bookshelves.


Good luck with your move!


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