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First of all, Salt Lake City is listed 3 times, please combine.

Within SLC,

Please delete the following:
Bookbox release
By mail, to (2 entries like this)
Friends of MS
Gave to husband's co-worker (2 of these)
Given as a Christmas present
given to a friend in person
I'll update when I release it

Please combine the two called Inn on the Hill

Please combine these two:
Intercontinental hotel group
Intercontinental hotels group

Thanks very much!


Just so we are clear what exactly needs to be worked on, can you please provide links.


How do I actually do that?


How do I actually do that?

Go to the page of the zone you'd like to have adjusted. Copy the URL from the address bar. Paste it in your message.

It makes it a lot quicker and easier for the region managers to find the exact zone you're talking about and avoids confusion.

PS It's not possible to delete zones. The best we can do is "hide" it so it not easily viewable or merge it with another, more appropriate, zone.


These have been done


Are you sure you want to delete this item? It cannot be undone.