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Please rename "Manege" into "Almere Haven - Manege"

Please rename "Markerkant, Bever" into "Almere Haven - Bever"

Please rename "Media Markt Almere Stad" into "Almere Stad - Media Markt"

Please rename "Meridiaanpark" into "Almere Buiten - Meridiaanpark"

please rename "Messiaenplantsoen speeltuintje" into "Almere Stad - Messiaenplantsoen, speeltuintje"

Please rename "Metropole Parkeergarage" into "Almere Stad - Parkeergarage Metropolegarage"

Please rename "Metropole Theater" into "Almere Stad - Metropole Theater"

Please rename "Minibieb De Dalkruid" into "Almere Stad - Minibieb De Dalkruid"

Please rename "Mockamore Almere Centrum" into "Almere Stad - Mockamore"

Please rename "Muiderzandweg" into "Almere Poort - Muiderzandweg"

Please merge
"Nieuwe Bibliotheek Almere Stad"
"Almere Stad - Bibliotheek"

Please rename "Oorweg" into "Almere Stad - Oorweg"

Please rename "Op het bankje voor de FreeRecordShop" into "Almere Stad - Zuideinde, bankje"

Please rename "Paradijsvogelweg" into "Almere Hout - Paradijsvogelweg"

Please rename "paru opleidingscentrum" into "Almere Buiten - Paru Opleidingscentrum"

Please remame "parkeergarage AH Almere Buiten" into "Almere Buiten - Albert Heijn, Lombokstraat, parkeergarage"

Please merge
"Parkeerplaats Aalscholver"
"Parkeerplaats Lepelaar"
"- Ergens in Almere"

Please rename "Pianoweg" into "Almere Stad - Pianoweg"

Please rename "Piet Kerkhof" into "Almere Stad - Metropolestraat"

Please merge
"Piet Kerkhof op het stoeltje bij de ingang"
"Almere Stad - Metropolestraat"

Please rename "Post Office in Almere-Stad" into "Almere Stad - Spoordreef"

Please merge
"Ricas Almere"
"Almere Buiten - Paru Opleidingscentrum"

Please rename "Romy Schneiderweg" into "Almere Stad - Romy Schneiderweg"

Please rename "Sauna La Mer" into "Almere Haven - Sauna La Mer"

Please rename "Smikky Almere Stad" into "Almere Stad - Chocolaterie Smikky Wijnberg"

Please merge
"Almere Stad - Messiaenplantsoen, speeltuintje"

please rename "Spoorbaanpad" into "Almere Stad - Spoorbaanpad"

Please rename "Sport City Almere" into "Almere Buiten - Sport City Almere"

Please rename "sportschool van de kamp sport, edvard munchweg" into "Almere Stad - Van De Kamp Sport"

Please rename "Stadhuis, burgerzaken" into "Almere Stad - Stadhuis, burgerzaken"

Please rename "Stadhuis, centrale hal" into "Almere Stad - Stadhuis, centrale hal"

Please rename "Station Almere Buiten" into "Almere Buiten - Station"

Please merge
"Station Almere Centrum"
"Station Almere CentrumS"
"Almere Stad - Station CS"

Please rename "Station Oostvaarders" into "Almere Buiten - Station Oostvaarders"

Please merge
"Station Parkwijk"
"Almere Stad - Station Parkwijk"

Please rename "Tandartsenpraktijk "well dent"" into "Almere Stad- Tandartspraktijk Welldent"

Please merge
"Tankstation waar veel chauffeurs komen ..."
"- Ergens in Almere"

Please rename "Tante Truus Amere Stad" into "Almere Stad - Lunchroom Tante Truus"

Please merge
"Thermen La Mer, Scoutingpad 3"
"Almere Haven - Sauna La Mer"

Please rename "V&D La Place Almere Stad" into "Almere Stad - Restaurant La Place"

Please rename "Wollegrasweg" into "Almere Stad - Wollegrasweg"

Please merge
"- Ergens in Almere"

Please rename "Wormerweg" into "Almere Stad - Wormerweg"

Please rename "Xenos Almere Stad" into "Almere Stad - Xenos"

Please rename "Zilverstrand" into "Almere Poort - Zilverstrand"

Please rename "Zwemschool Aquayara" into "Almere Stad - Zwemschool Aquayara"


many of these don't seem like corrections of mistakes, so much as like creating a new local standard for release zones matching a set of personal preferences. This seems somewhat debatable, and also I'm not sure that this is what the (scarce) Region Managers should be spending their (scarce) time on. Furthermore, the forum is being flooded by what I personally see as low priority requests.

Boekewjirm, are there active BookCrossers in Almere? Do *they* feel that Almere should be divided up into Almere and Almere Haven?


I'm sorry for beïng a little bit to active.


Have sent PM to Di_K



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