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Maybe somebody who has access on the zone level can correct those:

- Banepa is not a zone but a town, it's empty anyway, maybe merge into Bagmati (that's the zone where it is)
- Ghandruk same thing, merge into Gandaki
- "Goraksheep Everst Base Camp Periche", same thing, merge into Sagarmatha
- Hetauda merge into Narayani
- haha, wrong country! Lhasa happens to be in Tibet, please move to China!
- Kathmandu please merge into Bagmati
- Khokana please merge into Bagmati
- Lalitpur please merge into Bagmati
- m-bag: never heard of that zone in Nepal ;-) it's empty now, so it could be merged into Bagmati
- Rolwaling merge into Sagarmatha
- Sauraha / Chitwan merge into Narayani
- "unknown" is empty now (thanks again, azuki!) so it can be merged into something to make it disappear
Thanks a lot!!!


neither can I make them disappear.
I can only merge a zone under a city into another zone under a different city.

So, a lot of them I can't do anything with, and the few I can, I move the zones but the incorrect city names still show up at the province level.

I think at one point, any user can add city names, so for tourists who don't know the administrative zones/province/states of the places they are visiting, they simply create a new "city" or "province" which can't be undo now.

Hopefully someone with stronger management power can come by and fix them.



in the hope that some day this can be done


...this one is with Ardik


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