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Maybe somebody who has access on the zone level can correct those:

- Banepa is not a zone but a town, it's empty anyway, maybe merge into Bagmati (that's the zone where it is)
- Ghandruk same thing, merge into Gandaki
- "Goraksheep Everst Base Camp Periche", same thing, merge into Sagarmatha
- Hetauda merge into Narayani
- haha, wrong country! Lhasa happens to be in Tibet, please move to China!
- Kathmandu please merge into Bagmati
- Khokana please merge into Bagmati
- Lalitpur please merge into Bagmati
- m-bag: never heard of that zone in Nepal ;-) it's empty now, so it could be merged into Bagmati
- Rolwaling merge into Sagarmatha
- Sauraha / Chitwan merge into Narayani
- "unknown" is empty now (thanks again, azuki!) so it can be merged into something to make it disappear
Thanks a lot!!!


neither can I make them disappear.
I can only merge a zone under a city into another zone under a different city.

So, a lot of them I can't do anything with, and the few I can, I move the zones but the incorrect city names still show up at the province level.

I think at one point, any user can add city names, so for tourists who don't know the administrative zones/province/states of the places they are visiting, they simply create a new "city" or "province" which can't be undo now.

Hopefully someone with stronger management power can come by and fix them.



wingApoloniaXwing 3 wks ago
bumping up
in the hope that some day this can be done


Are you sure you want to delete this item? It cannot be undone.