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I wanted to respond to the Norwegian BC-er who sent me a PM about me releasing books in Rogaland (amongst others) during my vacation. Strangely the mail has gone missing from my inbox and I have no idea what the name of the BC-er is.

So hereby the only way to respond. I wanted to say him or her that while he or she stated there was sadly not much activity in Rogaland in response to releases, I did get a journal entry from an anonymous finder from Forsand in Rogaland. I guess I can count my blessings. ;-)

The link to the journal entry:

A lovely weekend to all!


Glad to hear you got a catch!


Hi Haugtussa!

I am glad I could reach you this way. It was lovely to get an enthusiastic email, thank you for that. :-) I hope in future you will have many journal entries from your wild releases.

Have a lovely day!


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