So angry with postnord

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Sorry for writing in English, I’m terribly slow in writing in Swedish.

I got another one of these letters saying that I have to pay 80kr of avgift and 8kr of moms for a package from outside the EU. I went on the website and checked the picture they took of the envelope. the parcel was clearly marked as a gift and the declaration even said “used book and christmas card”. It was definitely from a bookcrosser.

So for once I picked up the phone, spent 15 minutes queuing, got hold of some postnord guy who basically interrogated me like I was a criminal.

He: Why are you getting packages from canada?
Me: because I have friends there
He: why do they send you parcels?
Me: as it says on the tulldeklaration paper, because it is Christmas.
He: what’s your friend’s name?
Me: I don’t know, I have several friends abroad.
He: it says here her name is Ella.
Me: oooh yeah, Ella. That’s my friend.
He: I will need to check something. Vänta lite...
*10 minutes later*
He: it is probably a mistake, we removed the fee and the parcel will be sent to you.

We’ll see if the parcel ever shows up. Since Postnord invented this new fee, I’ve had occassions that I paid the 80-something crowns and parcels never arrived, or that i never get a notice and the parcel returns to sender, or that parcels take several months to get to me.


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