Exchange Books in bc-meetings during the World Football Championship?

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Hi there, especially the Swedish Football Fans. The Swedish Team stays in my city, Bremen, in Northern Germany. Does any of you visit the city and want to exchange some books? I have to admit, I am not a football (soccer) fan, can´t even tell you names of German players let alone of other countries. But I believe it might be a good idea to exchange books with fellow bookcrossers from participating countries.

Anybody interested?


Does really nobody visit my city during the time of the Championship? What a pity. :-(


My friends probably will, but unfortunately I'm working during the last part of the world cup and during the first part, I'm still in school :S
Hopefully you'll fins someone though. Or maybe a Scandinavian will catch one of your books in the wild? ;)


...but thanks for replying.


Maybe anybody else might be interested? I think it is a nice idea to meet face-to-face.

By the way, the Bookcrossers from Bremen usually meet on the last Saturday of each month at 3 pm in the cafe of the Überseemuseum just outside the main station. So, if any of you wants to come and join us during your stay in Germany - feel free and come on in ... we´ll be very pleased meeting you.


I love Germany, actually - completely uninterested in football, though, so I would prefer to come back to your country some other time than during the championships =)


...if you wanna visit Germany as a country you should do it AFTER all the championship mess is over. Clever idea, really. And well, don´t hesitate contact me then, I mean it.

Concerning the championship - I would be interested if it were the female teams playing. THEN I would certainly watch some games, but males ?! NO! I don´t like the way the female players are treated - also the German team IS actually world champion team. But do they talk about it in the media? NO! But they talk about the male championship since years and years - that makes me angry. Anyway, just my point of view.


Next time I travel between Belgium and Denmark by car (probably July or August) I'll see if you have a meeting about that date :-)


... July 29th and August 26th at 15.00 Café Überseemuseum just right outside the main station in Bremen. I´m looking forward to meeting you. If you are interested in any of my books - tell me early, then I´ll read it first.


As I already pm'ed you, the biggest chance would be in July, and as you meet already in the afternoon that would be fine for continuing to Hamburg to sleep.


I'll be watching the championships on TV, but I'm not going there myself. I hope you'll get the chance to meet up with some football interested BCer though.


...I have to admit I don´t know nothing about football - I am just interested in people and especially meeting bookcrossers from other countries, you know. I just thought it might be a great opportunity to combine both, as there are many visitiors expected to come during the championship. I could not even tell you the team with the best chances to win. *lookinglikesomeonefoundoutmysecret*


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