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Hi I have a copy of "The wonderful wizard of Oz" by Frank Baum and I reckon it's time for it to leave for a hopefully long journey all over the world! I'd like to start and International bookray indeed.. I'm willing to ship internationally, so just PM me and let me know if you're up for it! (and also let me know if you've problems in shipping internationally or not, both surface and air mail are fine with me!). I'll try to arrange for a list according to geographical location... The book is quite light and small. Check the journal entires for further details!!
Byeee, hope many people will drop me a line!



RACKYROSS 13 yrs ago
welcome to all the bookcrossers who have joined the ray so far, from Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Austria!!! The ray's always open, so any more countries and/or bookcrossers are more than welcome! drop me a line if you want to be the next one!!


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