"cackleberry's *BIG* Australian History Quiz" *WON* BY PANZERANZI!!!

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Congratulations to all the Scandinavian bookcrossers on the opening of your new Forum!

To help you celebrate, "cackleberry's *BIG* Australian History Quiz" (Scandinavian Section)is now open to all bookcrossers in the Scandinavian countries... the first person to pm me with the correct answer wins this fabulous book!

THE PRIZE: "gomda", by Liza Marklund (journal/37434240 - in Swedish - ISBN 9189426002)

The answer to the following question ties Sweden and Australia together from a historical viewpoint... (future questions will feature Norway and Denmark)...

THE QUESTION: (This is a very, very hard question because of the clever Scandinavian bookcrossers)... What is the significance of 21 May 1856 to Swedish people in Australia?

I have some clues to offer if no-one can answer the question straight away...

Good luck everybody! :)


A clue would be nice!


I find loads of things that happened in Australia in 1856 - but I haven't found 21st of May yet....

Male suffrage in 1856! Thats early! Didn't know that!

Could it be the 8-hour-day? I don't find the connection to Swedes.... my boss will soon fire me if I don't start working in stead of searching for this on the web...


I wish I had such questions for some of the other forums! There are wonderful historical links between all the Scandinavian countries and Australia... some of our earliest settlers came from Scandinavia...

Now, the clue (actually I will give you three clues).

These years are also very significant - 1909 and 1956. That is two clues... the third clue is the name of a suburb of Melbourne (which is the capital of the State of Victoria) called Toorak...


Panzeranzi 13 yrs ago
Found it!
The first Scandinavian sermon in Australia was held the 21 May 1856!

In 1909 The Swedish Church was founded on Clarendon Street, South Melbourne.

In 1956 the Swedish Church moved to Toorak House!

This was fun! I had no idea that Scandinavian people emigrated to Australia that early!


notnot 13 yrs ago
Re: Found it!
You are good at this game, Panzeranzi!

Give us a quiz the Norwegians also can solve, cackleberry!


You are exactly correct! That is a great answer! Please pm me your address and the book will be on its way! Congratulations!


Thank You!! This was so much fun!! PMing you!


Great answer Panzeranzi! Scandinavian sailors were coming in and out of Australia from the late 18th Century... the seaport of Sydney was known World wide from about 1790 onwards... whalers, sealers, cargo ships bound for the East, they all called in to Sydney for fresh food and water, and believe it or not, firewood!!!

Many of these sailors "jumped ship" in Australia, particularly during the gold-rush era of the 1850s+... we even have some Scandinavian placenames! I won't tell you what they are, because they will be great topics for future quizzes!

Thank you all for playing...


I have some *special* questions for you notnot :)


For the congrats and the quiz!
And GRATTIS Panzeranzi!


Tack Alvhyttan!


Yes, and Panzeranzi was "ruggigt" fast!


He he he.... I surf the net fast as lightning...


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