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Hi Everyone!

This summer I'm going on a holiday to the beautiful Norway! I would like to release some books while I'm there. These are going to be English books. I was wondering if this is wise, because not in every country people read English books. How is this in Norway? Would it be a waste to release English books there of would people actually read them. By the way, I'm not talking about Oslo, we are going more to the nordwest of Norway.
Could you help me or do you have any other tips for releasing there?


No problem, most Norwegians will read English. Huuuuge sales in English paperbacks here.


Go ahead, release, and have fun!


as do most Scandinavians over 60, so if you pass any of the other countries on your way, you should think about releases there too.


> as do most Scandinavians **over 60**, so if
> you pass any of the other countries on
> your way, you should think about releases
> there too.

Brezova, what makes you claim that Scandinavians over 60 speak better English than other Scandinavians?
In Norway, I should say that young people speak better English than older people, since the culture is so overflowed with English (i.e. films, internet, computer language etc.)


You are right of course - I wanted to write all Scandinavians up to the age of sixty - stupid me, glad you saw it - I had to reread it myself :-)


This is a great idea!!
I hope you will relese one in Mo i Rana.. =)


Now I can save up all my English books until the summer to release them on the way and in Norway. Now I have to find some Norwegian labels to put next to the English ones just in case. And how am I going to make release notes without a computer? Mmm, still a few things to solve, but now at least I know I can release in English. Thank you all!


I'am using only the English labes on the books I release, so don't wory if you don't find any labels in Norwegian. You should find internet cafe's at least in most of the bigger cites/towns, and are you staying in a hotel I'm sure they should have a computer available for you to make a release note.


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