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I know it's very probably a Feature and not a Bug, but would it be possible to display the creation date of a Forum thread again? I'm really missing it.
Currently it's like one day ago, one week ago and so on, but once you come to one year ago it's within a range of 365 days and that is even less than a hint of when it was written.
At least for me it's every now and then quite informative and "memorial" to know when i (or even someone else) wrote this or that.


And I will pass it on to Reno.


I was going to request this myself. I would make it so much easier when looking a Release Challenge forum posts to know when the post was actually made.

Please and thank you, Reno.


I know it's very probably a Feature and not a Bug

It is indeed, so we've moved it to the correct forum


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