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Sometimes I stare at the forum threads, know there's thread I need, can use the search function, but don't. Oh, well.

I'd love to be able to "favorite" threads by marking them with a star or other icon. I do this an another web forum and find it VERY helpful.


I know people have asked for this before, so even though it isn't something I feel a need for, I concede that it might be a welcome feature.

Workaround: A browsers' "favorites/bookmarks" functions could be used for this; most have ways of setting up different folders for bookmarks, so one could have a "Favorite BC forum threads" folder, or even one for each forum-of-interest. (I'm not a smartphone user, but I suspect there are phone apps for gathering, sorting, and searching favorite links - and some of those might be usable on desktops as well.)


That's waaaay too much work (...and I really don't need to add to the gazillion browser bookmarks I already have)!

I'll just stick to the control-F function until BC favors me with my request! :D


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