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I like to create customised labels every now and then, having them ready for next purchase from the store. I noticed today that the Greek template is missing from the options.
I ordered some bookplates only 2-3 weeks ago but I chose some Greek labels -among others- that I had created months ago, so I'm not sure how long the Greek templates are missing.

Is this a glitch? Could we have back an option to create labels in Greek please?

Also, it would be nice to have options for different lay-out of labels on various languages. Right now, it's possible to have landscape left, landscape on top only in English.


I remember proofreading a translation for a Cro label, I think they were available in the store for a while, though I might be imagining things, but yesterday when I tested the label creator I couldn't find the Cro template.
Not that it matters much for me, as the label creator wasn't working anyway. ;)


I joined BC on May and a template on Greek was not available a few days/weeks latter when I started checking the store. I asked about it on the forums and a bit latter a Greek template was available in the store. When it disappeared again, I'm not sure and while I may imagine things too, I think I recall a Croatian template too at some point? And a Swedish one that I think was missing yesterday?


There have been Greek and Croatian labels for sure! Not Swedish ones... there is a lack of Swedish translation volunteers, unfortunately.

I'll ask the techies about putting these labels back. It's odd that they disappeared; they were not meant to.

I'm making the BookCrossing Day labels in Greek and Croatian too, so you'll be able to buy these at least! :-)

Yes, options for different lay-out of labels on various languages would be nice to have. It's a lot of work though. But it may still happen one day.


Thank you Moem.

I've seen the BC day ones and they are great.
I don't know why I seem to recall Swedish labels. MaybeI've see them elsewhere on one of the various links provided to BCers blogs and websites?
Still it would be nice trying to have at least some basic labels on most languages. I don't know if it's easy to find volunteers to translate the whole site, but ast least someone would be willing to translate the release message for templates?

Edit: By most languages I don't mean most languages of the world of course... But maybe most languages appearing say inthe forum? I had on mind the guys at the Slavic forum for example... Some Polish, Czech etc?


Still it would be nice trying to have at least some basic labels on most languages.

I hear you. And we are doing this. But we're doing it step by step: there's a lot of work to do, and it's mostly me doing it (apart from the actual translation), and I have only two hands and a limited amount of time.

We have Russian labels, which is a big and important language. Almost no one buys them. So it's a lot of work for almost no revenue. That, too, limits the options here.


Although it's not perfect, I find the BookPlates creator a useful tool. And I don't find the Store that much expensive. I thought people would be keen to buy bookplates especially on their own language...


I thought people would be keen to buy bookplates especially on their own language...

You and me both! But maybe Russian people don't use the payment options that we offer, or there simply aren't that many Russian members yet?

Still, we're going to keep on keeping on, and that includes adding languages, and bookplate templates, slowly but surely. This year I'm expecting to add Chinese and Ukrainian. We just want to make BookCrossing accessible to as many people as we can!


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